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Cheryl Scheinin, Spiritual Medium Clairvoyant Author Teacher   
My name is Cheryl Scheinin, I am a Healer, Clairvoyant, and Spiritual Medium. My spiritual gifts have opened my heart and helped me to see who I really am. The challenges I’ve overcome in my life and having the proper teachers guide me to fine- tune my spiritual gifts has helped me grow and be able to be a nurturing teacher to others
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Cosmic Magick Society   
psychic and magick empowerment community on inner energy workings
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Cosmic Unicorn   
For Pagans, Wiccans, New Age and other practitioners of Earth Magic, Cosmic Unicorn stocks an enormous variety of incense, bath salts, love spells, money spells, luck spells, candles, gem stone jewellery, pentagrams, tarot cards and over 100 varieties of gem stones for ritual or magical use.
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Cult of Cthulhu   
Cthulhu Mythos, Satanism, and Chaos Magic organization: the Cult of Cthulhu also contains the dark fantasy/horror RPG: Empire of Satanis
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CyberMoon Emporium Metaphysical Shoppe   
Supplies for all your magical needs. Ritual, altar and spell kits and tools. Pagan, wiccan and witch jewelry. Pentacles, pentagrams, runes, spirit boards and more.
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Darques Emporium   
Darques Emporium offers a complete line of Alchemy Gothic products. Also supplier of wicca ritual supplies, new age supplies, occult and metaphysical books, incense, oils, herbs, herbal teas, goth and pagan jewelry, goth clothing, cutlery, goth shirts and hoodies, gothic home decor and wall mounts, leather goods, belt buckle, drinking and dining, and smoking accessories.
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Das Larp Bastel Blog   
Alles Rund ums Basteln im Larp. Gewandung, Schnittmuster, Rüstung, Schwerter, Kunstblut, Lagerausrüstung, Schminken von Wunden und Narben...
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DePrince Voodoo Home Page   
Let this famous Voodoo Master show you the real secrets of casting powerful voodoo spells for love, money and good luck in all things.
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Dolly's Tarot   
Tarot/psychic readings
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